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EPLAN Training Courses

"Learning is like rowing against the tide, if you stop, you drift backwards!"

If you're only using EPLAN as a drafting tool, you, your team and the business as a whole are missing out on key benefits and features that are guaranteed to boost productivity. EPLAN is so much more!

Throughout the year, EPLAN engineers deliver a wide range of training courses from our training centres which are located across the country. However, currently all training session now take place virtually. Not sure virtual is for you? We're offering an online training suitability check so you can learn exactly how we delivery the online training and decide whether it is technically and organisationally feasible for you. See virtual training requirements here.

Virtual Training

Platform Training Courses

EPLAN offers advanced educational training packages in order to enhance organisational knowledge and productivity. EPLAN training courses not only help to establish and extend product knowledge, but also enable users to optimise usage of the software in order to boost productivity. In the medium to long-term, education and enhanced training result in time savings, greater efficiency and amplified quality standards - ultimately lowering the cost of production and time to market.

EPLAN Electric P8

Plan your electrical design for machines and systems in an engineering system consistently and quickly.

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EPLAN Pro Panel

The 3D design and construction of control cabinets, switchgear systems and power distribution systems for energy distribution.

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Designing and automatically documenting schematics for fluid power systems including hydraulics, pneumatics and cooling. 

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EPLAN Harness ProD

The efficient designing, intuitive routing and automatic documenting of cabling and wire harnesses in 3D. 

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Available Training Dates

Discover scheduled dates for the upcoming EPLAN training courses, which due to the current circumstances are taking place virtually. 

Training Dates